Thursday, February 25, 2010

Record Breakers: The Aeronaut and The Ambulance Mugs

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The record for an occupational mug was broken twice when this aeronaut mug flew to $45,000.

W. Yoder Auction Sets World Record For Shaving Mug Collection - March 25th, 2008

Wautoma, Wisconsin - It was standing room only at the Deforest Comfort Inn Convention Center where Wayne Yoder conducted a sale on February 9. On the auction block were the complete occupational shaving mugs, stoneware and art pottery collections of Jeffery Skou. Many states were represented with attendees from Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Tennessee, Iowa, New York and Missouri, not to mention Wisconsin. Many out of state people were also bidding over the phone.

It did not take long for an ambulance occupational mug, which is one of only two known, to set a new world record price of $29,000, beating the previous auction record of $22,500. Then, just an hour and a half later, that new occupational mug record was broken when a one-of-a-kind aeronaut mug flew to $45,000, driven by some competitive bidding.

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It did not take long for occupational mug records to fall when this ambulance mug came up. One of only two known, and in excellent condition, it sold for $29,000, setting a new record.