Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some Unusual Shaving Mugs and Related From Flickr Photo Sets

I found these images of shaving mugs while searching through the photography site, Flickr. There are a few unusual finds:

We are not sure how to explain this shaving mug in our collection of objects decorated with photographs. It carries the photograph of a woman with the inscription "Mrs. L. Jolly - 1910 -" in gold. Is it Mrs. Jolly's mug? That seems unlikely since a lady who needed to shave would not want to do so in a barber shop. Perhaps it was a gift to Mr. Jolly or even a presentation for some event unrelated to shaving. From photo_history

During a time when men went into barber shops for a shave and a haircut, the sterility of the hand done shave, and the lathering cream from which it came was of some importance. This gave rise to a now old tradition of the shaving mug. If you were so inclined, you would have your own shaving mug at the shop, for you and ony you to use. This way, you were not using mugs that others were using. These mugs were further personalized, usually with one's occupation and name. In this case, Mr. Joseph J. Little's mug is shown, complete with hand painted O&W locomotive. Mr. Little's name appears in both of my 1904 & 1920 O&W Breed's Directories, and is listed as living in Middletown with the occupation of Fireman. From NYO&W Ry. Collector


I was interested in the shelves that contained dozens of shaving cups. I said that I would like to take a shot of them and he was very obliging. He said that in the old, very old days, barbers would have shaving mugs for each of their customers on shelves like these behind the "bar."

It is his father's barbershop, in which his father was giving haircuts as recently as March. Now his son, shown above, is doing them (he closes at 3:30 on Saturday's, so get there early.) From EyeSpyPittsburgh

Bob Miller Picture in chair Bert Weaver. Barber with mustache Bruce Marshall, other barber Clarence Zimmerman. This is where First Nat Bank is now / about 1914. Bruce Marshall was my great-grandfather.
On the wall behind the men is an election poster: "For President / For Vice President" - Woodrow Wilson and running mate Thomas R. Marshall. From Flickr: Joe Holmes

 Source: Jeremy Brooks

I thought this next piece was amusing: a Shaving Mug Rebus Puzzle.


From 19th century children's periodical "St. Nicholas Magazine." From Flickr: Al Q

Unusual theme for a barber shop shaving mug. Hand-painted with gilt lettering. Not personalized with name of shavee. From Flickr: firehousedawg

The caption for this photo indicates that most of the mugs are from the 1920s. Check out the Pool Player and the Light Bulb mug.

Source: bbum